The Fella

My History


1963, born in Gallup New Mexico as full blood Navajo. My family are from Iyanbito New Mexico which is 20 miles east from Gallup, in Navajo Reservation.

1980, I dropped out from High school and started work in town.

1980-1986, I joined the Army.

1986,I started working as truck driver. Through my work, I got to know Sunshine Reeves, he is known as traditional stamp jewelry. At the same time, I started helping my sister’s jewelry making.

Through helping and looking other people’s jewelry, I started to make my own style.


Back then, Sunshine Reeves and his brothers, David Reeves, Gary Reeves and Darrell Cadman had studio in Albuquerque New Mexico, and I lived there so we used to hang out a lot.

Owner of Sunwest Silver, Ernie helped me a lot to spread my work. However, my work was totally different from my style now. I was making a lot of small jewelry, and to make my living, sometime I had to make 100-200 pcs a day.

Harry Morgan, he was known as traditional Navajo Style jewelry. He used to come to Reeves Brothers Studio a lot. I became good friend with him and I learned a lot from him.

My Work Now

I established my name as Harry Morgan Style.

Luckly, I started to know lots of dealer has natural turquoise and I felt love into the power of turquoise.

I think I’m a creator more than an artist. When I get a piece of turquoise, I don’t instantly know what I’m going to make. Out of 20, 30 stones, only 1 turquoise will speak to me.

I started to cut my own stone a lot, because I get lots of custom order.

As Navajo, jewelry is not just fashion, Turquoise and silver is a gift from earth.

Native American Jewelry has lots of history.

We used to make jewelry to trade with food. We still make jewelry to give our kids better life.

“Nice jewelry has a spirit, and the jewelry will protect you, guide you and bless your life.”

I make those kind of jewelry, that could pass onto generations and generations to connect your life to earth, sky and spirit.